Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Actually Wearing Knits

The Three Call Girls!

I was sitting in a cafe the other day working on the second sock for my six year Savanna. A lady stopped and inquired if I was knitting a sock. She went on to explain that she had always wanted to try (to knit socks) but was to scared to try. So we talked a little about knitting, and how she should try, when it came up that that sock was for my six year old.
She was shocked! She asked if I was really going to let my daughter wear them, that I should put them up because I had knit them, that she (my daughter) would wear them out. I just laughed and said I would be very happy if she did wear them out because that would mean that she loved them very much!
The picture above is of my three daughters: Jessica (17), Victoria (13) and Savanna (6). All of them very beautiful! The one thing my hubby and I do well is make gorgeous girls!
I'm almost done with the second sock of Savanna's. Yesterday I chose to work in the garden instead of knitting. It was hard, not to knit, but I had some new plants that I had to get into the ground before they died. Unfortuly plants die if you don't plant them, unlike yarn that will keep forever if taken care of properly.
I have gotten better at taking care of a garden as the years have past. My biggest fault in gardening is theme. Me, I just plant whatever I find that I like. I do plant mostly periennals because you get more bang for you buck. I have a good neighbor and friend that has a beatiful garden. It's planted with the height, color and how large the plant is going to be in the garden. Me, I just buy it, find a spot in the garden and plant it.
Although I have learned some things about gardening.
1) Watering is really important to keeping the plants alive. And unlike children who will at least cry when they are hungry, plants just wilt and die.
2) Clay soil is not kind to vegtable plants. Best to bring in some good soil otherwise they will most likely die.
3) Plants like to be fed more then once a year.
4) Dead heading is a good thing
5) Daisy's will take over your garden so be careful when planting them.
6) Always tell your husband exactly where you planted the bulbs (better if you put soemthing around the area to help remind him) before he mows them over thinking they are weeds in the spring time.

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